Corporate Social Investment

At the heart of MCL’s culture lies an uncompromising commitment to uplifting and developing Eswatini society, especially among previously disadvantaged communities. We recognize that we have a transformative role to play in giving everyone in our country the opportunities to make the most of their talents and achieve a decent standard of living.

The company invests 2.5% of its net profit through its corporate social investment (CSI) programme into the community within which it operates, being the 3 surrounding Chiefdoms: Mamba, Dlamini and Mngomezulu and to the Swati nation as a whole. The CSI program first and foremost aims at fostering strategic partnerships with the Government and NGOs to deliver high impact and sustainable community development programs that will continue beyond the life of mine. CSI forms an integral part of our corporate culture and we believe through these alliances the company can make more meaningful interventions.

The CSI fund is appropriated equally to the 3 Chiefdoms, and contributions are also made to royal and national duties. The CSI programme is governed by the CSI Policy and Framework, and is overseen by the CSI Board Committee. The policy framework is based on 5 pillars: Water Supply, Health Care, Education, Infrastructure and SMME Development. All funded community projects are handed over to the targeted beneficiaries for continuity and ownership to ensure that a dependency on the company to sustain projects is not created.