Employee Wellness

Khetsimphilo Wellness Programme

The Khetsimphilo Wellness Programme established in 2016 was developed within the organization because Maloma Colliery Limited recognizes that personal factors can affect an employee’s job performance. As part of its commitment, Maloma undertook to provide professional and confidential assistance to such matters where they affect an employee’s ability to perform satisfactorily in the workplace.

The Maloma Wellness Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provides a service, which will assist employees in preventing, or overcoming problems that affect job performance and that could jeopardize their continued employment and/or health by creating a supportive climate for employees by promoting:

a) Counselling:Marital and family, alcohol and substance abuse, stress management
b) Wellness Initiatives: Basic financial planning and advice, retrenchment, retirement education
c) HIV/AIDS: Voluntary counselling and testing
d) Resource centre: Educational material regarding sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, domestic abuse, gender-based violence
e) Sporting Activities:Having Annual sports days
f) A non-discriminatory climate: No employee will be discriminated against based on their state of Wellness.
g) First Aid: First Aid medicinal distribution
h) Policies and programmes: Policies and programmes that will enhance Wellness of employees in the workplace.